All  selection, protection, emotion, interaction, creation,  preservation etc. are through attraction. We should, for the first and  foremost time, give attention to the attraction of earth mainly christened as Gravitational force. The attractive force of earth holds every thing of nature. Likewise things attract as per degree they deserve.
Attraction is selective process  in animal kingdom including humans, though it may be different for both animals and humans. The yardsticks of attraction may be colour, height, intelligence, physique, mood and behavior etc. prescribed by the nature for worldly affairs in humans. All problems are with humans and not with animals. Animals’ emotions for attraction are mainly  influenced by change in seasons on earth.
Humans are having emotions mainly as attraction, affection and enjoyments etc. due to developed brain. Fondation of all emotions may start from attraction and may end at affection.
For attraction human has elaborated gender wise different scales. For female gender, every part of body  has been beautified in  classical ways in all style of writings for expressions,  as prose, poetry and songs etc. in almost all languages’ literatures. The similarities and comparisons of body’s parts have been made with  other creatures of almighty, for example nose is like beak of parrot and neck is like that of ostrich’s neck etc. The gait of female has been categorised as deers’ gait or peahen’ gait. Even the smile has been classified in many categories. There is no satisfaction in mind even with such comparisons, so the entire body is decorated with flowers, clothing and ornaments to add fuel to the fire. It may be analysed and elaborated at length as live statue of romance and emotions.
There are no more parameters for handsome male gender except the common qualities  like colour, height and look etc. suiting to the needy one.
In fact, the God has given everything to female gender for strength and attraction, for continuity of nature.
We should not assume or consider this as a net to catch the fish but as the intrinsic requirement towards salvation because we have been on earth for the cause of almighty and the attraction is a path. I think, since humans have developed brain to think and to judge the good or bad and to differentiate between beauty and beast, the almighty has given special category of catchers in humans to blind  the brain, for the sake of nature’s sustainability. We become blind with open eyes. The attraction changes to affection followed by enjoyments. Rest is interestingly in the hands of almighty.
This approach may be modified by thinking and meditation on satisfaction and ultimate goal of being human. It is better to maintain positive attitudes and balancing the life cycle of the nature. We may get such examples in our epics and books where salvation is possible without relinquishing worldly affairs. This is the best path to lead the life.
Attraction should be considered as means to meet the almighty. Even if we abstain from worldly affairs the incompleteness of physique may change the meaning of life. This may be the main hindrance in which the human civilisation will be at stake to reach the  culmination where the humans become godly by nature,  behavior and free of all needs. This stage may not be reached alone as the sleeping desires have dreams for realisation and act as barriers in meeting with the almighty. These desires remain as seeds covered underneath the soil and germinate at any favorable time. Ultimately, relinquishment may be punishment. Here, every individual is the client in the court of the almighty.
Swimming is must to reach the shore. Attraction is  fluid. Everyone has right to write his or her destiny through attraction.


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