My death

One day, I met my death on my way to life. I was happy and I wanted to have a talk before embracing my death. I asked my death’s whereabout. My death smiled and told me that it was within me waiting for time to meet me. I was a little bit surprised to be a carrier of my end. I assumed that death was knowing everything of my activities for survival in the world. So, I directly came to the question to know the reason for all activities. The death laughed at me and simply replied, there were many categories of activities except God’s assigned activities. I became worried and asked the reason. The death replied that the reasons were giving priorities to unnatural over natural habits and choosing bad over good. I became more curious and enthusiastically asked to explain in detail. The death stared and told that you all had written a lot but do nothing and you had no time, except for assigned responsibilities. However, the death told that we humans were in problems due to lust, greed and different languages. It, further, said that animals had only one language for emotions and senses in nature, so they were happy with limited contentions, but you people had different meaning for a single word used at different places. You all were confused by such things involving self-interest. My death laughed and told that you, in practice, had different meanings for the same word ” interest.” I had no answer, but I told that humans had developed brains and were capable of doing impossible things. My death agreed, but I was told that except for that difference, we were equivalent to animals in many respects. Because of the brain, the death told, we had a sense of insecurity, we loved others for self-interest, and we fought for supremacy. Because of the brain, we had created God to demand security from all odds. The death said to me, ” God is presently a truth where you surrender due to the limit of your thinking and knowledge. The day you will control both life and death, you will think to be a God.” When I told my death that I had not accepted all views, the death replied that it had no intention to discuss. My death became angry and told me to leave the cage – the body. I requested one more question to know about the death. The death replied to me that it was the beginning of life and answer to my unending questions.

The death started carrying me. I cried to leave me. But no one listened. I cried for help. The death laughed and told me that no one would help or accompany me.

I had lost all my senses, but it was my dream. It was very dreadful. When I analysed the conversation, had with my death, I found the truth of deficiency, selfishness, corruption, fight for supremacy and other vices of destruction in the human race. We had not seen good in others as belonging to the same human creed. The death appeared to be true in analysing our faith and faithfulness to unknown power due to limitations.

I concluded to live well and leave good in a life. My search for peace continues. Perhaps ‘give’ and ‘leave’ are two steps towards it. Our all questions are within the periphery of these two words. I think so.


Just chill ! Leave me alone ! Let me take  rest. I want peace. These are words and many more to express want of peace and peaceful life. Peace is must for growth, love, development, strength and solace etc. Any turmoil  having close coordination with nature and universe  affect the lives of creatures both  living  or nonliving.
Peace is the requirement for creation and sustainability. The deep ocean or water bearing body or something more, dark without sunlight, has been favorable place for the creation. The beginning of life needs peaceful milieu. Such serene atmosphere gives opportunities for flawless development, in space and time, to be useful to every one and every aspect of life in nature. The best comes from the peace. It is a  fact and gift of almighty.
We may analyze the best while in peace. We know that any hasty decision always creates havoc. It becomes more problematic and devastating, if it is to satisfy self centered achievements, ego or family’s lust. We may get many examples of such type in world’s history. Many empires have been destroyed and people have never seen next morning for those reasons. We are observing the same as cold wars among nations of the globe for supremacy, threatening the existence of the mankind.
The method of getting peace may not be same for everyone. We may look towards nature to learn as to how to get or have peace. In this regard animals from living kingdom are the teachers for getting lessons. If we closely watch their lives and activities it becomes obvious that they have check points and limits of satisfactions. The moment they are satisfied with their needs, the peace prevails till the next natural requirements.
In case of human total scenario is different. We are intelligent enough to satiate ourselves with the view that nature has sufficient resources for every one. Even then we are fighting for peace. This is because of our greedy attitudes to store for the generations to come. This, in turn, culminates into various types of corruptions and harmful consequences to the entire world.
The only option for peace is self controlled life style not influenced by outside factors. The peace may prevail if everyone compares with self only. There are no dearth of unnecessary needs which may become unworthy in future and disturb harmony in society. This affects the entire nature.
We may lead life without peace, as hell. Nothing accompany at the last time. We are intelligent enough to choose the right path for peace and leave a lovely world for the generations to come. An honest attempt for peace is every individual’s responsibility.
Peace makes an individual and then loving family,society, nations and world. If fight gives might and more to grab without need, peace gives best in the world for togetherness and many more with smiling face. “Peace” makes and “Fight” for might in all walk of life mars.

Is Wealth Everything?

The entire world has faced an unexpected disease(COVID-19) which has shaken the world for generations to come. Though we have history of such type of diseases in every century, we always forget to prepare in advance. We have classified them each time as pandemic. It may be analyzed that every time of  such unfortunate happening the development of each nation in the world is proven to be insufficient.
We have accumulated a lot with a sense of providing comfort to each and every one. The nations are boasting to be developed enough to meet every challenge. It may be true for  providing the materialistic comfort, security and  safety. But it is not true in all sense. We may not imagine many things in advance. The mother nature and almighty have many secrets under the carpet for the mankind to unfold. This happened this time when the whole  system went berserk. This is true for ever.
The story is not different  on the individual scale. We have seen the rich and the poor both running to save the life of dear and near ones. But their all means failed. Even the lives could not be saved.  Monetary security was not useful to  buy the  life. It may negotiate but with limits.
In the current situation even the dearest one was isolated. All emotions were reserved.
As per our earlier experience it is acceptable that we will forget the worst days and indulge in routine calls. But it will be better for humanity to  understand ultimately that financial robustness or otherwise has limited scope for every problem. One may be  strongest from all well thought aspects of security, defense and finance etc. but it is proven that the almighty and nature are the strongest. Resources are always limiting factors to make helpless or to make conqueror.
We have met the fate and understood the facts of life.
Once again we have  been reminded  our best strength. These are our physical strength, health and immunity.  infrastructures are not sufficient and will never be sufficient to cope up with such situation. We may minimize the loss.
We should take lessons from ancestors’ knowledge of remaining  fit with mother nature because health is real wealth for survival in all odds. We will have to cooperate with each other, not only as individual in society but also as nation in the world for existence.


-Sant Kumar Sinha

Yoga a message from India to the whole world for well being of the most intelligent and developed creature of nature is now well accepted.
We should be proud to note that  our ancestors were well thought and having close coordination with nature. Their observation of every incident in the  nature and her dwellers culminated as boon in the form of yoga.
This great achievement has always proven to be useful to every one to keep good health and mental peace, a co-ordination between body and mind. In yoga different asanas, pranayam( a set of breathing exercise) and meditation are of great use.Yoga keeps the body flexible and mind agile and focussed. We are witnessing the use of yoga by players, professionals and different kind of patients etc. for better performance and achievement. The beauty of yoga is that it does not require any kind of equipment or specific place  except self body and soul. It teaches about how to lead disciplined life. A fit body and fit mind may positively contribute in the alround development of a country.
The 21st June has been declared as yoga day by the UNO at the behest of India. Every nation has recognized the yoga as bounty of our country without any discrimination. We should salute and be grateful to our ancestors for decoding the secrets of nature to live fit in every situation along with the nature’s nature which changes every moment.

              —  Sant Kumar sinha —