She comes,
She smiles,
She touches,
She holds,
She hugs,
She cares,
She gives me a name.

She is my friend,
She is my life,
She is my destiny,
She is my love,
She is my flower,
She is my fragrance,
She is my light,
She is my twittering bird,
She is my face ,
She has given me purpose,
She is my blessing,
She is my daughter.

Her future is my future,
Her sound is my path,
Her journey is my journey,
Her smile is my treasure.

She has to fly,
I have to give her wings.
She has to be traditional,
I have to give her rituals,
She has to be for sure,
I have to give her opportunities.
She has her own identity,
I have to give her strength.
She is a gender,
I have to make her perfect.
She is the maker,
I have to give her time.

She should be self,
She should be a book,
She should be easy,
She should be tough,
She should be water,
She should be wind,
She should be earth,
She should be open,
She should be closed,
She should be medium,
She should be maker,
She should be power,
She should be inspiration.

She should be for others,
She should be creative,
She should be for nature,
But she should be for her own.


Whether to be famous or not to be famous, I was confused to choose. One day, I finally decided to be famous. Now the proper method was to be adopted. I searched all possible ways in this regard but couldn’t take decision. So I decided to meet  a few  people for guidance. 

I first met my friend and told him that I wanted to be famous. He expressed his ignorance and counter questioned me as to why did I want to  be  famous. I said that I did not know but I wanted to be famous. He accompanied me to assist me  in search of reasons and ways in this regard.

We together met a thief and a gangster and asked ways of becoming famous. They replied because  of spreading fear in public, we became famous by beating, killing and robbing them. Our names had been working now.

We did not accept such views because it was harmful to the society and we left for further meetings with  people. We met one by one with teachers, businessmen, musicians, doctors and players etc. in search of reply. We were not satisfied but we found that everyone became famous by their positive devotion to profession and because of knowledge. The teacher taught students well, the doctor treated patients well, the businessman earned well and helped needy, like that. We saluted all of them but we were not satisfied because we thought this would not make famous for ever. Politicians, master of arts, sciences and psychology could not reply, acceptable to us. Even dignitaries could not reply to satiate us. Success had made most of them, arrogant, less humble and proud of their achievements.

We roamed wherever possible in search of guidance but in vain. Ultimately, we met a religious priest and asked the same question. His emphasis was on karma ( action ) without aspirations of fruits and dedication to almighty.  It could take my time forever. As I was busy in my life, I left this thought.

We returned to our world of actions. We found reply in our mothers who were waiting for us on doors worrying about our absence without information.

All mothers, world over, are always famous because they sacrifice their lives for preparing the future generation and the destiny of nations. They never want anything in return. They take risks for their lives for our births and get satisfaction in our smiles. Mothers! you are always famous of all. I am indebted to you and seek your hands to cross the ocean of world, full of problems. No more words for you, as you are above all in universe. Even God has played in your lap.

Your name is only mother, mother and mother, in all periods. No thanks or words of gratitude are suitable for your stature. Every Mother is a living statue of life.

Fruits of actions

The known results oriented actions attract the most. It is inherent in our nature. We do not  hesitate to react to routine calls as results are known. It is by nature that we think on actions and their results. It is beyond imagination that any action does not bear fruits. We apply our brains where we have to deal with unknown world or relations. A student knows that the result will be as per study but the future is not known. But we know about most of the actions and their results happening in nature. It is known that a seed germinates and becomes tree and bears flowers and fruits on time. The periods of various seasons in different parts of world, barring some exceptional situations, are defined. We know that all actions in nature are not fruitful to civilisations and some of them are harmful. Accordingly we remain ready for results with cautions, except in a few exceptions.

Human Life is not like that. Our lives start from unknown and end into unknown. We know that only a few actions are common in humans but the brain plays major role in many actions and results may or may not be anticipated. This complications of brain  have affected the most and  play main role in imagination and interpretation.
Perhaps brain enjoys and dives into unknown to drive the humans ahead for a cause. Sometimes, there may not be coordination between brain and  actions, between saying  and doing etc. If these are because of diseases they may be curable, otherwise,  they create problems to the whole world.  The selfish attitudes develop and results create more harm than good.   We are witnessing political turmoil and war in different parts of world because of such type of brains. Even nature is sufferer because of the brains.

Human brain is the director of actions. Actions ultimately control results. Results may be useful or useless. Results may be  beneficial or harmful. It is obvious, if we sow thorn we should not expect flower.
We have been accustomed to many activities and their results in so many years, but the technical advancements are influencing the brains and results. We, for examples, are in discussions and researching on the effects of waves emanating from mobiles and mobile towers on brains of humans of different  ages. Apart from this, artificial intelligence and remotely controlled instruments and apparatuses are affecting the brains and healths. Useful researches are being used for harmful purposes. We may assume that both human civilisation and nature are at stake because of criminal brains and technical advancements.

The age old concepts of fruits of actions are same and will never change, but other developments with time throw effects on thinking, means of actions and results. Ultimately we are not controller of all types of actions. In holy book ” Gita” it is said that overall controller of fruits of actions is almighty and we are to obey him. We may only act but by order of almighty.

The day we become successful in regulating the life and death, we may expect to control fruits of actions.


The Stability word is complete in itself. Stability in any aspect, either related with life or situation or nation or nature is imperative for evolution and developments. It is an indicator of suitability and is a must for sustainability.
We expect many kinds of stability, related with worldly as well as spiritual aspects. If we take it for granted, worldly stability inculcates  sprituality for existence of heaven on earth. As far as the worldly stability is concerned, We should look towards the giver, the nature. We know that nature is an open book. If we go through the history of origin of life on earth, it becomes evident that the first life appeared after the suitable stability in nature. Whenever, the stability is disturbed, nature’s wrath is witnessed in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones and floods etc. to re-establish stability.
When we look towards worldly stability, our historical evidences on ancient civilisations reveal the attempts made by our ancestors towards stability, from individual to family formation to concept of societies and communities. Many civilisations were at their pinnacle of growth and stability had modern days concept of town planning and facilities of that time.

We are carrying the concepts of family and relations established from our ancestors. This has taught us as to how to take care of each other and share with each other. This type of stability should be considered first suitable step towards meeting the challenges in society, community and so on. When every thing becomes favorable, automatically peace and happiness, prevail and home becomes like heaven on earth.
The close knit family is boon as first step towards salvation.  This stability comes due to stable and permanent fiscal sources in this materialistic world. But after industrialisation and other developments of easy life making tools and instruments, the stability in a family has been disturbed to an extent that the family concept is at stake. We are getting more disturbed with developments and becoming more self oriented. We want every thing with our limited resources, mainly fiscal one. We have forgotten our efficiencies. Pandemic of this twenty first century has added fuel to the fire. The fiscal resources which are already limited, have been on the verge of exhausting. This turmoil has distracted from all the controlling concepts of balance and peace in life, in turn, affecting the journey towards sprituality. No country has been left unaffected from this pandemic.

This pandemis should be treated as open warning from stability, against rat race for unequal developments, ignoring nature’s stability. Interdependence among nations for sustainability is demand of the time. It is the time to forget individual’s supremacy. It is better to opt for minimum requirements for livelihoods to avoid distress and depression. The sprituality and world should be saved from becoming hell for stability . Otherwise nature will bear all consequences, at last and sprituality will be less meaningful.


It is misconception in older generation, as to what will be after me? What will be the future? How this new generation will handle the situation?
Such questions are commonly heard in offices and other places where experience and expertise come in due course of work’s execution and problems’ handling. The bosses express their views, opinion and vision like this and forget about their beginning.

There are no questions on age and experience but the discussion leading to discouragement in new comers at a working place may never be welcomed. Any working place should be treated as next home and behaviour of the boss should be like guardian as being father figure. The boss should know that post does  provide forceful respect but real respect is earned from behaviour and attitude. Otherwise, relationships will be formal.

We should not forget that most of the workers are gathered from different places having different backgrounds. The boss should treat them as a family to extract the best from them. If boss has discipline wise, region wise, religion wise and caste wise, biased approach in dealing subordinates, the desired results may not be achieved. The working atmosphere will be venomous. All these expose the fear of boss of losing status and importance.

There is always difference in thinking and working styles in between two generations.
There may not be any excuse. The onus lies on the older generation to accommodate. Younger generation need attention and proper guidance.

If the boss does not treat the subordinates well, like sons and daughters, he or she doesn’t deserve to get respect after retirement from service. This type of grievance of non respect from subordinates is common by retired boss. It also depends upon the traditions formulated by preceeding bosses for each other. We should remember that you reap the same what you sow.

So questions of doubts on future should not be raised in sarcastic manner to humiliate new comers. New generation is always ambitious, agile and more mature. They have proved their efficiencies in studies and have capacity to excell, if get proper treatments. They have already faced tough competitions to hit the target.

There is always an exchange offer, give respect and take respect. New generation has changing attitudes- both services and bosses. They may not wait till retirement because this life will not be met second time. Because of stupid and arrogant bosses, most of the time, subordinates  may leave services or take premature retirements and offices loose assets.

The situation worsens when the boss projects to be like God. This attitude is very heinous for the country and needs complete surgery to make a man in reality, a man by behaviour. Such bosses give rise to revolutionary movements against odds and they need more attentions.

The selection procedures of top bosses should be on  strict norms in the interest of office and not because of seniority or some sorts of relations in higher-ups. This type of selected bosses raise questions to quench their complexes. The working atmosphere may be at stake. Boss may  not be always right.  Boss does not know everything because of chair.


Balance is the order of nature. Nature gives and takes both for maintaining the balance. In fact, in nature, both construction and destruction go hand in hand. We get mountains and  trenches on earth, as balance. This balance is the soul of nature.
We may have lessons from nature in maintaining balance in developments. Nature has immense treasure of materials for each and every necessity of humankind for sustainability. Their distributions are all over earth, perhaps with thoughts of cooperation, coordination and interdependence among creatures. Nature has no boundary and affects the whole world.
The importance of balance, we may learn from the structure of our body. Many systems in the body coordinate with each other to keep us active and alive. We are surrounded by diseases if coordination is disturbed at any stage of life cycle, ultimately leading to threat to life.
From the study of earth science, it is proved that both land mass and water bodies have gone various changes in shape, size and distribution from time to time, maintaining construction and destruction together, in balance. We are noticing  such changes at present time also.
Nature never takes permission for actions. Since she has to maintain the balance she acts alone. Her acting agents are  everywhere. We are witnessing this in form of rise in sea level, land slides, erratic rain, flood, increase in frequency of  cyclones and temperature rise in cold places even in polar regions.
Still under deep sea construction of nature is in progress. For nature’s capacity of construction and destruction simultaneously, volcanic activity is the best example. Nature maintains balance at any cost. She is always ready to sacrifice herself and her creatures.
We are intelligent enough to understand it and we should develop our systems to follow the nature’s law of balance by maintaining her beauty and intention of sustainability.
We are wise. We are perishable. We are on receiving end in nature. Nature has wise and positive expectations from her dwellers. Only procession, discussion, seminar and lecture will not serve the purpose. Action with devotion is needed.
Balance gives peace, love and positivity. We should not be greedy but should have need based approach.
At present,  nature is showing her wrath world over in different countries and century old records are being broken in terms of heat, rain, fire in forests  and very frequent cyclones. Simply assuming all incidents because of global warming, is not the solution but it is a way to avoid the responsibility.
Since ages, nature is changing, evolving and balancing for origin and sustainability of lives. Now it is our turn to learn and not to fight for supremacy. Otherwise, be ready to perish treacherously and bear the brunt. Nature has checks and balances.

Is Wealth Everything?

The entire world has faced an unexpected disease(COVID-19) which has shaken the world for generations to come. Though we have history of such type of diseases in every century, we always forget to prepare in advance. We have classified them each time as pandemic. It may be analyzed that every time of  such unfortunate happening the development of each nation in the world is proven to be insufficient.
We have accumulated a lot with a sense of providing comfort to each and every one. The nations are boasting to be developed enough to meet every challenge. It may be true for  providing the materialistic comfort, security and  safety. But it is not true in all sense. We may not imagine many things in advance. The mother nature and almighty have many secrets under the carpet for the mankind to unfold. This happened this time when the whole  system went berserk. This is true for ever.
The story is not different  on the individual scale. We have seen the rich and the poor both running to save the life of dear and near ones. But their all means failed. Even the lives could not be saved.  Monetary security was not useful to  buy the  life. It may negotiate but with limits.
In the current situation even the dearest one was isolated. All emotions were reserved.
As per our earlier experience it is acceptable that we will forget the worst days and indulge in routine calls. But it will be better for humanity to  understand ultimately that financial robustness or otherwise has limited scope for every problem. One may be  strongest from all well thought aspects of security, defense and finance etc. but it is proven that the almighty and nature are the strongest. Resources are always limiting factors to make helpless or to make conqueror.
We have met the fate and understood the facts of life.
Once again we have  been reminded  our best strength. These are our physical strength, health and immunity.  infrastructures are not sufficient and will never be sufficient to cope up with such situation. We may minimize the loss.
We should take lessons from ancestors’ knowledge of remaining  fit with mother nature because health is real wealth for survival in all odds. We will have to cooperate with each other, not only as individual in society but also as nation in the world for existence.


-Sant Kumar Sinha

Yoga a message from India to the whole world for well being of the most intelligent and developed creature of nature is now well accepted.
We should be proud to note that  our ancestors were well thought and having close coordination with nature. Their observation of every incident in the  nature and her dwellers culminated as boon in the form of yoga.
This great achievement has always proven to be useful to every one to keep good health and mental peace, a co-ordination between body and mind. In yoga different asanas, pranayam( a set of breathing exercise) and meditation are of great use.Yoga keeps the body flexible and mind agile and focussed. We are witnessing the use of yoga by players, professionals and different kind of patients etc. for better performance and achievement. The beauty of yoga is that it does not require any kind of equipment or specific place  except self body and soul. It teaches about how to lead disciplined life. A fit body and fit mind may positively contribute in the alround development of a country.
The 21st June has been declared as yoga day by the UNO at the behest of India. Every nation has recognized the yoga as bounty of our country without any discrimination. We should salute and be grateful to our ancestors for decoding the secrets of nature to live fit in every situation along with the nature’s nature which changes every moment.

              —  Sant Kumar sinha —

Health in the hand of God

Now a days in electronic media specially on the so called idiot box i.e. TV,  one advertisement related with the” safedi ki chamkaar ” of a detergent  is being displayed in which a well dressed industrialist comfortably sitting on chair is expressing doubt about the availability of competent managers in the locality which is ofcourse a backwaed rural area, if he goes for setting up an industry there. This is revealing the fact about the difference in standard of education in different localities -cities and villages.

Such is the situation when we think of health facilities. At the time of industrialisation, development was restricted in a few cities of a few states depending upon the formula of men, materials and  market. So the opportunities of good fortune in this materialistic world was also localized which drew population from all corners of the country, resulting in many problems  related with daily life. Since, the performance of industries  was the main concern from profit standpoint, all facilities mainly related with education and  health,  like schools, colleges, universities and hospitals were developed in these cities. The development of infrastructures in other parts of country got scanty attention. These steps attracted rural population in search of jobs and most of them settled there permanently because of better facilities  and future of next generation. This population  growth  reflected as burden on the cities. Atlast, facilities were not sufficient because of the limitation of resources. Now, new pasture is being searched. So it is the need  of the time to review the policies from the point of view of  present requirements.
Even after many decades health infrastructures are not properly developed in  rural areas. Villagers  are to depend on nearest city or in the hand of God for health related issues.                                Only a few taken steps are not enough to solve all the problems. This became  evident when we faced the pandemic after a century in independent India. Even proper medicines are not available.
It is better to explore the solution from our available resources, whether natural or man made.
It is a proven fact that our civilization is  very old and our ancestors have given the knowledge to the world on every aspect of life with due care of the nature. They have mentioned about the usefulness of various types of herbs and trees from medicine point of view to treat various diseases. They have left  huge knowledge for better life but we have questioned them in modern times and have forgotten their contributions in developing a civilization. Though we have literature on herbal medicines but we ask for proof of their use and effectiveness.. in the modern age of science. However, in view of the fact that our  health infrastructures are not enough to meet the  problems in rural areas, we may take the benefits of ancestors’ knowledge of herbal remedies, as our nature has given a lot throughout the country. But we are fighting on which system  of treatment is superior. When the whole world has  accepted the benefits of YOGA we are fighting on faith and other trivial issues. We are missing to realize that when these things were developed after deep thinking and experience there was only one faith, that was humanity and that should prevail forever. We may discuss on many things of our ancestors related with universe,maths, economics and many more but in present situation we should develop a new approach towards  treatment combining all available systems for the betterment of humankind. That is the demand of time. People in remote  areas are using a fewer left over knowledge of herbal medicines for treatments.
It is a known fact that even   very developed countries, where health systems are well developed, could not  cope up with this pandemic. But this should not be matter to  solace ourselves.
We have to do a lot for the same.
It is aknown fact that villages have meager facilities of health and other infrastructures and many of the doctors avoid to go to villages for their duties. So we should change our strategy. This may be, as it is the case in engineering stream where degree, diploma and even ITI institutes are available for education with minimum required qualification for admission. They get employment for different degree of responsibility as per education. So there is no dearth of men power in this area. The same may be implemented in medical education after due diligence. We know that there are jhola chhap doctors in villages and even in cities providing half knowledge treatments. They and others like them may be trained for providing cheap and affordable treatment to the needy even in villages upto a certain limit so that serious patients may be sent to higher center for treatment. There is already one developed system for example, as “aaganbari” at rural level. That  may be useful. This is possible because  we cover  and reach the remotest villages even for single voter during  election for contributing in formation of government at state,UT, or  central level. So we can do like that in this  issue of health.
Apart from development of infrastructures, the health problems are because of spurious food items available in the markets. We often read news on adulterated milk, spices, medicines and other edible items of below fixed standards. They are also adding fuel to the health problems. That should also be taken care of to mitigate the problems.
Other factor affecting the most is the surrounding environment. We give deep thinking  to environment only on environment day for news in black and white and for coverage in electronic media. The survival of saplings planted for restoring the environment might have changed the story.
It is also  a known fact that education plays great role in preparing the future generations. It should include practical approach to every aspect of life related issues. So health problems need integrated approach from various  point of view.
We always  write at the end of any applicaton mostly either “yours sincerely” or ” yours faithfully”  but we think first for self and others are secondary. This self is dominating and is the root cause for all problems. We should ponder over this then” swarga” or “jannat” will be on earth. We have drawn  boundary on earth and in sea as our territories. We should think about what would have happened if we had drawn  boundary of every country on sky and restricted the air blowing. So we are not the mightiest, but the nature is with solutions to  all problems.   
  Moreover, in this age of science and technology the demand of time has changed. The complete health  infrastructures  may not be developed by a single country without  cooperation of others. This is the situation when the whole world should fight any such pandemic and other health related issues together, otherwise, the human civilisation will be at stake.