The magic word “Should “

The grammatical use of the word” should” is not the concern  here. I have a different thought for this magical word. Everyone should walk the talk. Such are the sentences indicating the instruction  to be followed or obeyed. The word “should” simply  implies that something expected is or was missing. It expresses desire. It indicates that the special happening might have changed the person, his or her family, and society  etc. The positive or negative results affect directly as well as  indirectly having long term or short duration influence. The decision to follow  ” should ”  should be with intense care, because any one may use it with malaise intention.

Every one may give  ideas or suggestions. It may be used for self safety both as weapon and as blaming instrument also. This word ” should ” gives rise to series of questions which demarcate imperfections.

The impeachment is better than implementation. After all this is true for ever and it should not be forgotten. Enjoy, it should be healthy. Really this word is having a good time in all time. But be wise and it should be. Depending on mood – it is harsh or it is polite. It is political too.

This word is having great meaning in our life, searching peace, humanity, and sustainability etc., in this world. We should always take care of this word to move towards making the world as heaven. It is a word having a continuity towards completion. The present condition is because of this word. If you think of this word in the context of any profession, you will notice the magic of this word in achieving the mission and objectives. We should be obliged to this magical word ” should “. It is applicable every where. It is like spice. It is a tasty and inspirational word. I think that everyone has mastery in the use of this appealing word.


It is misconception in older generation, as to what will be after me? What will be the future? How this new generation will handle the situation?
Such questions are commonly heard in offices and other places where experience and expertise come in due course of work’s execution and problems’ handling. The bosses express their views, opinion and vision like this and forget about their beginning.

There are no questions on age and experience but the discussion leading to discouragement in new comers at a working place may never be welcomed. Any working place should be treated as next home and behaviour of the boss should be like guardian as being father figure. The boss should know that post does  provide forceful respect but real respect is earned from behaviour and attitude. Otherwise, relationships will be formal.

We should not forget that most of the workers are gathered from different places having different backgrounds. The boss should treat them as a family to extract the best from them. If boss has discipline wise, region wise, religion wise and caste wise, biased approach in dealing subordinates, the desired results may not be achieved. The working atmosphere will be venomous. All these expose the fear of boss of losing status and importance.

There is always difference in thinking and working styles in between two generations.
There may not be any excuse. The onus lies on the older generation to accommodate. Younger generation need attention and proper guidance.

If the boss does not treat the subordinates well, like sons and daughters, he or she doesn’t deserve to get respect after retirement from service. This type of grievance of non respect from subordinates is common by retired boss. It also depends upon the traditions formulated by preceeding bosses for each other. We should remember that you reap the same what you sow.

So questions of doubts on future should not be raised in sarcastic manner to humiliate new comers. New generation is always ambitious, agile and more mature. They have proved their efficiencies in studies and have capacity to excell, if get proper treatments. They have already faced tough competitions to hit the target.

There is always an exchange offer, give respect and take respect. New generation has changing attitudes- both services and bosses. They may not wait till retirement because this life will not be met second time. Because of stupid and arrogant bosses, most of the time, subordinates  may leave services or take premature retirements and offices loose assets.

The situation worsens when the boss projects to be like God. This attitude is very heinous for the country and needs complete surgery to make a man in reality, a man by behaviour. Such bosses give rise to revolutionary movements against odds and they need more attentions.

The selection procedures of top bosses should be on  strict norms in the interest of office and not because of seniority or some sorts of relations in higher-ups. This type of selected bosses raise questions to quench their complexes. The working atmosphere may be at stake. Boss may  not be always right.  Boss does not know everything because of chair.

Love – My will

I am happy, I want love.
I am sorry, I want  love.
I am alone, I want  love. 
I am lost, I want love.

I am to dream, I want love.I am to move,
I want love. I am to stay, I want love. I am to continue, I want  love. I am to bear, I want love. I am to yield, I want love. I am to sleep, I want love. I am to sweat, I want love.

Love me to grow. Love me to love. Love me to console. Love me to play. Love me to help. Love me to hate. Love me to sow. Love me to reap. Love me to believe. Love me to live. Love me to die. Love me to swim. Love me to sink.

Love me to be sure. Love me to be confident. Love me to be me. Love me to be lovable.

Love me for others. Love me for yourself. Love me for myself. Love me for all. Love me for nothing. Love me for everything. Love me for greatness. Love me for nature. Love me for creatures. Love me for less. Love me for more. Love me for beauty. Love me for ugliness.

God I am your part, don’t depart, always love me. I am in love of love for your love.

I did in the wold what you wanted. In your world –  everyone was with me but no one was for me. Everyone loved me but not for me. I was for all but no one was for me. I had relatives but for namesake. I was borrower but no one was lender.

I am your child I want to remain like that to be innocent in my life, please accept me. I am yours, I want to be yours at last, please accept me. I am from you. I want to be lost but in you, please accept me. I want to be merged but in you. I want to be submerged but into you. I am a drop of your ocean. Please save me from nexus.

Let me be I, let me be me, let me be myself, but at last, let me be you and yours forever. Let me rest in peace.
And my, the last will  from you is, let me  remember my mother always, even with you, only. Please ignore my sin.

The question and spirituality

If we spiritually think, it becomes evident that life is a question in itself from entry to the exit from this world. The pertinent question of invisible soul may never end. But we can not yield to it and stop asking question. Question has place value, importance and may have quality.
  Every question asked has two main aspects. First the questioner wants to explore and enhance knowledge or wants to examine the answerer. Exploration may make the secrets unveiled to the world and may prove to be venom or nectar for the world and nature, depending upon the traditions and changing thoughts of humankind. Since the world’s  configuration has diversity in social development, biasness, regional cooperation, economic growth and opportunities to excell, the outcomes of exploration  may be useful or useless accordingly. The views of supremacy,  dictatorship, conquer and slavery may get venomous approach towards the same favorable outcomes. Ultimate gainer or sufferer is the world and nature. So before the outcomes are to be on floor, the question on their effectiveness  should be  deeply taken care of. We know the threat and usefulness of the same technology in atom bomb making and nuclear power generation. The atom bomb is being used as threat on the existence of civilisations while nuclear energy is used for the betterment of humankind.
Question asked to examine the knowledge has many aspects of showing the right path, srength, assessing the weak points and generating crave to be one of the best in the field or it may be for mockery of the answerer. This may instigate to know more or generate hatred towards the  questioner.
Thus answers of questions may be useful or useless according to their acceptance by the beneficiaries in the world related affairs. But the same may not be true in case of spiritual world for questions on almighty. Every answer may add to the knowledge on search of the almighty. The most common question on almighty may be about existence. I myself think there is someone to look after and to control not only humans but also every creature on earth. The creator certainly might have abode to welcome all of us.
The only common thing in all creature is the soul which comes in the world on the path of love and departs on own for the love of the almighty who has assigned every one duty to perform in the world.
Every role is well defined for every soul in the nature for assistance in performing the
acts of almighty. So the questions on the almighty may have no different answers,    ” except the style in placing the words in different order “.
It is the sole purpose of the soul to make the question alive in different forms by unveiling the secrets of universe. This question related with almighty is a  bonding factor among all animals, plants and humankind. No one may exist alone but in fact assist each other for existence. This is the secret coding by the almighty. All questions to the almighty lead towards purification of soul from time to time, to do good before saying goodbye to the  world.
Love is the ultimate requirement of almighty. Questions come from love, for the love to all and for the almighty. There may not be  your God or my God. The benevolent God has no discrimination between his own creations. We are the sole reasons for such heinous crime of favoritism, for our sake to prove superiority over others and try to impose our vicious thinking by hook or by crook on weak and helpless people. Even violence, muscle power and fiscal allurements are used for this purpose to increase the followers to please the God. We ignore the godliness.
  There  are many questions but it is the only answer – the God is love and love is God. Any more question may be futile. Live whole-heartedly, God will meet us. Live for all, God will call us. God is so kind.

Four Pillars

If you want to explore the world and know the culture, traditions, different languages and living styles etc. of a place, then you have to be like a nomad, always on migration. Most of the countries or sea routes known to the world are because of this quality. If you want to imagine then you would have to close your eyes as if you are a blind. Light is not necessary for imagination. Perfection comes like that. If you want to address the world, be like a dumb. Analyses of words is must  to influence others like weapons- war or peace.  If you want to think, isolate yourself, correlate within, and visualise outer world, you will know the power of thinking.  
The outcomes of these human qualities have affected the making of civilisations and history, knowledge of many secrets of nature and universe,writing  of literatures related with all walks of life and necessities- morals, medicines,  economics, administration, rulings and duties, etc.
They are still in existence. Imaginations and thinking are mostly found in cartoons and stories related with children. They have effects on children. Even scientists are working on many of them to realise  the benefits  to humanity or security of a  nation.
At this age of life, I find that the most important  classical imagination of childhood game, I played with my friends, is the ” hide and seek”. Everyone might have certainly played this game. The lesson from this game we get is that all players become happy on their success. What a great idea on a game, no one is looser and all enjoy and remain happy.
Like wise, migration has discovered two countries- India and America. These are the two democratic countries influencing the world’s other countries in many ways.
We may have true friends and well wishers if we analyse and use words as miser. More the words and there will be more  complications in relationships.
If we miss these  four essential pillars in day to day life, then should try to imagine to migrate to develop new thinking for addressing the concern with effective words.
Every thing may change and may be modified. We may change and write fates to ensure the accuracy and flexibility according to convenience. But four pillars are necessity to humanity, civilisation, nature and world for existence.
Our ancestors have shown the way to know the world for sustainability and continuity

by Sant Kumar Sinha

Old is Gold

The old one is always gold- most valuable having manifestation of the nature. We should hold his goldenness because  he or she is leaseholder, householer, placeholder, stakeholder of our lives. He or She is at the threshold to influence us manifold. His or Her bold face unfolds golden folders of pretold doldrums scolding the time. His or Her foothold has withhold us together. His or Her smile is like marigold.

We sould always be thankful to them as we treat them as our path to begin this journey of life. They should not be neglected rather their experience and guidance may be of great use for the betterment of  society. Wherever olds are neglected down fall of the culture and fortune starts early. When they start  keeping silent in the home the fate of that family starts deteriorating day by day and doomsday starts early.

We should never forget that history repeats and we have to sail in the same boat and we may reap the fruits of whatever have been sown. There may be worse scenarios. The life is the best teacher and behavior is the path to tread in future to face the music. This is always true. The old one is a living library. They are hidden treasures. Our furure’s golden days lie in their pandora’s box.

Strategy and experience

Every creature in the world has importance and assigned job to perform in life. But in case of human being it may not be true. The natural importance in completing the life cycle is only assigned. Other activities are controlled according to the age of individual from childhood to old age through young stage. Humans have many privileges bestowed by nature as special case for appreciation of her treasure.
Among all creatures, something makes humans special in nature and that is developed brain. Humans have utilised brain for  developing a very important system of learning called education. Education is only essential need which unfurls the universe’s secrets and paves the path for meaningful complete life with due care of the nature. Education has unlimited scope but need a systematic approach which may be termed as strategies. Hence, we may consider that formulating strategies need education to be useful and purposeful.
The strategy may not be same in every case. Though education is very important, yet values and importance of experience of uneducated or lesser educated people may not be neglected. We have traditional thoughts that without proper training or education, success is doubtful. We, should also analyse that in many cases even after vigorous training, expected results are not achieved in various fields such as administration, economics and growth etc.
We may meet in life certain persons who are not educated or having minimal education but their experience mattered more and they are very successful in life. They are sometimes very useful in formulating the strategies and achieving the goals. We may get examples in field of agriculture, labour intensive work, caring and tourism etc. where local or migratory people are very friendly and helpful in making strategies and their executions. Even in field of defense they are very  useful. So raw education may be taken as tool of strategies and not as guarantee for success.
We should consider that experience comes with age and is a tool for refined approach in making strategies and taking decisions. We should  appreciate that many innovation are made based on the situation and requirements, by experience of both educated and uneducated persons. Still it is continuing. The same is true in case of making strategies. Recognition and appreciation of such people are necessary for existence and continuity of thoughts and developments. When the nature has capacity to change, we may also adapt to sustain. Change is first requirement for creation and continuity otherwise, extinction will be fate of humankind. So developmental strategies should be based on the history of nature and imagination of origin of life and survival.
Nature has shown the importance of strategies of step by step growth upto a level suitable for incarnation of humankind.
Experience may save them.


Balance is the order of nature. Nature gives and takes both for maintaining the balance. In fact, in nature, both construction and destruction go hand in hand. We get mountains and  trenches on earth, as balance. This balance is the soul of nature.
We may have lessons from nature in maintaining balance in developments. Nature has immense treasure of materials for each and every necessity of humankind for sustainability. Their distributions are all over earth, perhaps with thoughts of cooperation, coordination and interdependence among creatures. Nature has no boundary and affects the whole world.
The importance of balance, we may learn from the structure of our body. Many systems in the body coordinate with each other to keep us active and alive. We are surrounded by diseases if coordination is disturbed at any stage of life cycle, ultimately leading to threat to life.
From the study of earth science, it is proved that both land mass and water bodies have gone various changes in shape, size and distribution from time to time, maintaining construction and destruction together, in balance. We are noticing  such changes at present time also.
Nature never takes permission for actions. Since she has to maintain the balance she acts alone. Her acting agents are  everywhere. We are witnessing this in form of rise in sea level, land slides, erratic rain, flood, increase in frequency of  cyclones and temperature rise in cold places even in polar regions.
Still under deep sea construction of nature is in progress. For nature’s capacity of construction and destruction simultaneously, volcanic activity is the best example. Nature maintains balance at any cost. She is always ready to sacrifice herself and her creatures.
We are intelligent enough to understand it and we should develop our systems to follow the nature’s law of balance by maintaining her beauty and intention of sustainability.
We are wise. We are perishable. We are on receiving end in nature. Nature has wise and positive expectations from her dwellers. Only procession, discussion, seminar and lecture will not serve the purpose. Action with devotion is needed.
Balance gives peace, love and positivity. We should not be greedy but should have need based approach.
At present,  nature is showing her wrath world over in different countries and century old records are being broken in terms of heat, rain, fire in forests  and very frequent cyclones. Simply assuming all incidents because of global warming, is not the solution but it is a way to avoid the responsibility.
Since ages, nature is changing, evolving and balancing for origin and sustainability of lives. Now it is our turn to learn and not to fight for supremacy. Otherwise, be ready to perish treacherously and bear the brunt. Nature has checks and balances.

I am alive

I know that I am bestowed with a soul and I breathe to consume the oxygen from the atmosphere to prove that I am alive. I have proved by contributing during many occasions that I am alive. May it be for self or for others I have always stood as to prove that I am alive. I always used the formula to reuse skill with self centered approach to prove to be alive. I proved myself alive when my mother became happy on my weeping for the first time. Thereafter it is continuing as per situation to prove that I am alive.
Once, when the dwellers in nearby area were in trouble I anticipated the favorable results for self and proved to be alive.
I use to be active in both elections and selections to prove myself alive for self benefits.
Wherever any condition or situation in my calculations show something for self even in long run, my presence is there to prove myself alive.
Now a days, it has been a fashion to prove oneself alive by pretending to be generous to the needy. In such case, real heroes are not noticed by the society because of their silent real helping attitude.
Since, in the materialistic world name and fame seekers are many for their self centered achievements and are always ready to take advantage of others’ helplessness for their use, I find it difficult to get myself alive.
I have lost my morality. I have no faith in good habits for heavenly abode after departure from this heinous society and the world. All imaginations? I have always been enlisted by players for their fortune. Is every smile pure? Is every company comfortable or sacrifice? Am I pious?  Is my help selfless? Many more situations are
possible to face in life. I want to grab everything at once.
Real picture in the world might have changed if we had fear from the  almighty. We have imagined or seen(?) a controller in different forms and shapes or even without any shape and form. We fear from that power and advocate for good deeds to needy and everyone to meet that almighty. A number of path makers for that purpose are available to prove to be alive and are ready to be torchbearer for others’ welfare. Some of these noble minded path showing soul are really like the God. But most of them are only for publishing stunts. Their percentage(soul like the God) is very less. Alas! we are not maximum in numbWe are intelligent enough to understand it and we should develop our systems to follow the nature’s law of balance. er following them.
The glamorous lifestyle and show business are attractive, magical and magnetic. But the surety of  peace proves to be very doubtful in long duration. They flourish and we become generous to them.
I have learnt a lot and  I am always in search of opportunities to prove myself alive. If not, I may not be alive for myself, as by God’s grace sometimes it becomes useful to someone. I breathe for company of almighty after my departure from this opportunistic world. May God have faith in me and vice-versa. So that I may be able to make helpless me, as alive. I never ever want to die before my death for the sake of vested self centered approach. I want to do relevant and purposeful things before my death welcomes me for new beginning.
Let me smile, some one is knocking at the door and I am going to be alive. May be my last breathing before I die to prove that I was alive.


Just chill ! Leave me alone ! Let me take  rest. I want peace. These are words and many more to express want of peace and peaceful life. Peace is must for growth, love, development, strength and solace etc. Any turmoil  having close coordination with nature and universe  affect the lives of creatures both  living  or nonliving.
Peace is the requirement for creation and sustainability. The deep ocean or water bearing body or something more, dark without sunlight, has been favorable place for the creation. The beginning of life needs peaceful milieu. Such serene atmosphere gives opportunities for flawless development, in space and time, to be useful to every one and every aspect of life in nature. The best comes from the peace. It is a  fact and gift of almighty.
We may analyze the best while in peace. We know that any hasty decision always creates havoc. It becomes more problematic and devastating, if it is to satisfy self centered achievements, ego or family’s lust. We may get many examples of such type in world’s history. Many empires have been destroyed and people have never seen next morning for those reasons. We are observing the same as cold wars among nations of the globe for supremacy, threatening the existence of the mankind.
The method of getting peace may not be same for everyone. We may look towards nature to learn as to how to get or have peace. In this regard animals from living kingdom are the teachers for getting lessons. If we closely watch their lives and activities it becomes obvious that they have check points and limits of satisfactions. The moment they are satisfied with their needs, the peace prevails till the next natural requirements.
In case of human total scenario is different. We are intelligent enough to satiate ourselves with the view that nature has sufficient resources for every one. Even then we are fighting for peace. This is because of our greedy attitudes to store for the generations to come. This, in turn, culminates into various types of corruptions and harmful consequences to the entire world.
The only option for peace is self controlled life style not influenced by outside factors. The peace may prevail if everyone compares with self only. There are no dearth of unnecessary needs which may become unworthy in future and disturb harmony in society. This affects the entire nature.
We may lead life without peace, as hell. Nothing accompany at the last time. We are intelligent enough to choose the right path for peace and leave a lovely world for the generations to come. An honest attempt for peace is every individual’s responsibility.
Peace makes an individual and then loving family,society, nations and world. If fight gives might and more to grab without need, peace gives best in the world for togetherness and many more with smiling face. “Peace” makes and “Fight” for might in all walk of life mars.