What is beautiful?

Positive is beautiful.
But negative is also beautiful,
It shows the means.
Beautiful is beautiful.
But ugly is also beautiful,
It gives comparative terms.
Success is beautiful.
But failure is also beautiful,
It instigates the wills.
Life is beautiful.
But death is also beautiful,
It hides the beginning.
Light is beautiful.
But dark is also beautiful,
It gives time and space to create.
Taking action is beautiful.
But not taking any action is also beautiful,
It may check catastrophes.

Beautiful is respective aspect.
But it depends,
It is an individual’s liking.

There are two ends that support each other and fix the limits. These are beginning and end also. These give meaning to any aspect and grace to beauty.

What is not beautiful?

Biasness is not beautiful,
It may devastate the growth.
Pretentiousness is not beautiful,
It may lead to oblivion.
Ignorance is not beautiful,
It may bring extinction.
Compromise is not always beautiful,
It may make cowardice.
Uncertainty is not beautiful,
It may check the development.

I think changes may or may not be beautiful and depend upon their repercussions.

Time is always beautiful. Time judges the time.

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