Beyond Limit

I want to draw a line in the sky to tear it apart to see beyond the limit. I want to be an explorer. I imagine that world as mentioned in the fairy tale – a rainbow’s swing with singing birds, fragrance in the air and beautiful flying alluring objects, etc. Light music and attractive flowers spread everywhere. A place for blissfulness full of greenery and attractive mountains. A fully balanced ecology in nature and many more beautiful things not found in this world.

If I get there, I want to bring a piece of love. I want to feel peace. I want to follow a real path of thoughts of God. I want to see the light to enlighten. I want to see the limit there. I want to meet life. If I get a life, I will request that life to seal the void. I will tell that life that I do not want to transfer the vices of earth. We eat ourselves. We eat humans. We are planning to eat Moon, Mars and the universe. We have our convenience.

I will bow in repentance to ask for an excuse to make vent from our world which is full of uncertainty for existence and always fighting for supremacy and trust. I will not bring anything from that world. I will solace myself with my situational imagination because nobody may realize the truth due to blind eyes of hypocrisy. Our wisdom is to accept our achievements for foolish paradise. We make less and devastate more to be fortune makers. It is the real truth.

If I see any life there, I will pray to God to make me speechless, blind and helpless to save that world. The separation must continue till this world becomes like that world. I want this as the fruit of my good deeds.


22 thoughts on “Beyond Limit

  1. Beautiful post!

    It is a wonderful desire to live in a purity of dwelling within nature that is foreign to the corruption and unnatural tendencies and occurrences that inhabit our present world.

    To reach beyond to attain a true abundant way of life is a fabulous illustration of the yearning of a sincere heart.


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