Twin Questions

I have many questions causing a high degree of depression. I have medicine for that but I do not have treatment for that. If I accept the present, I am okay. If I think of myself and my life, I find that my journey starts from knowing about my whereabouts which is not seen but imagined.

I have read many suggestions and different views in literature on life’s real journey. But in this world, I am having an independent identity, so I have to have my responsibility for this mission. I have benefited from doubts from earlier experiences. I know that I have infinity as a route and the present-day GPS ( GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM ) can not assist. Our end is the new beginning and our beginning is the pleasant movement toward the end. I think that the end is more important in this journey. The vital question in this quest is of the starting point, to begin with. Who am I? Where have I come from? Where will I go? I again took the support of our ancestors’ views and thinking in this search for the truth of life. The time is the ladder taking towards refinement in thinking for these questions and doubts.

I have a name given by my parents. That is my identity to deal with in the journey of life in this materialistic and mortal world. The achievements in this journey are outcomes of my actions. I accept them as my destiny. But the questions of life remain unanswered and always alive. The search for their answers continues till last. I may guess that the limit of my speculation is beyond real answers. Even the great developments in scientific fields are unable to reach any conclusion. Science has found many answers to the secrets of nature and the universe. Science has become a creator in many aspects like God. But l think that the answers to my twin questions are in the black holes of the almighty. These black holes are invisible to scientific developments. May I imagine that all games of the almighty start from black holes? These are beyond the capacity of eyes to capture, as we may not listen to sounds after certain limits of frequency. So, I think all games of almighty may only be guessed as per individual’s limit.

Everything in the lap of the almighty is invisible. The path of our journey is through the physical body. We start from invisible through invisible in the dark place, to begin with. But I think life’s journey begins from and ends in the black holes of the almighty.

The day science will be the creator by such types of black holes the answers to my twin questions may be recorded. Till then scientific principles of the origins of both life and the universe hold acceptable barring religious theories because for the whole life of our existences and livelihoods we accept the scientific approaches in our answers in all exams.

We remain busy our whole life and forget to address many realities of life. At last, we feel frustrated and try to pass the time willy-nilly. I think that till that day of the conclusion of my twin questions, HUMANITY should get the upper hand in the world because everyone is important and has been destined to do jobs. No one is perfect and needs proper respect and support. We may bring heaven on earth like that.

Till that day of getting answers to my twin questions of life and death, we should not forget that God is the only controller of all activities. Visible and invisible are instruments of his music. But we may not listen because we are limited. We are smaller than a drop in his ocean of secrets and our knowledge is like a tiny island to boost having a niche in his world. We should not boast of that.


26 thoughts on “Twin Questions

    1. 💜 My little sister has been Labelled ‘Dyslexic’ and I was Labelled Raging and “Depressed” yet She can Read and Write; for Me, I Basically asked a “lot of questions” and Mental Health Professionals couldn’t cope because I was No Longer Physically a Child and They Were UnAble to Physically Bully and Abuse Me AnyMore by Beating Me Physically and Psychologically….so I Quit “Medications and Switched to My Form of Meditation; ergo, after what seemed like a Tough Time, NOW!!! I AM Completely Content, Sufficiently Sated and Suitably Satisfied EveryOne; though I Do Understand that Others Have Families and Jobs EveryBody

      nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit…

      …💛 💚 💙…

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  1. You should watch “Stripes”, with Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and John Candy. Then pay careful attention to the scene where Warren Oates says: “Lighten up, Francis!” — Your friend, YUR

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  2. I love this text. The questions about life and death are the greatest riddles to solve. Nobody besides the religions can give us a straight answer to that. But the tricky part is, which religion do I follow?

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    1. Everyone shooed follow her/his own heart this is very basic and personal religion given by God to everyone. Religion is our personal inner journey to discover the truth within. You may find enough material to be able to shed light on path to inner journey and take one step. Successful completion of one step will automatically lead you to another one and so on till you discover the truth. So it is only two step journey says Lao Tzu. Outer religion is helpful in progressing in material journey.


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