What is mine

The sense of belonging may be considered the universal truth. This sense is the bonding for togetherness. This sense has repercussions on the development of thoughts of ownership, conservation and preservation.

Those who pretend as relinquishers also have interests. I have in my memory the childhood story told by my beloved and handsome grandfather. I was a very stubborn child and used to cry about not getting the desired toys or anything till I got it. I was not knowing to give or share anything, even with my siblings. Then, it had been by habit. One day the same thing was in progress, but this time my grandfather was not in the mood to succumb to my habit. He took me to a house where a child was playing with self-made local and cheap toys given by his father who was not as wealthy as my grandfather was, it appeared. The boy was very happy and invited me to play with him. I played with him in the open ground, ran all around and learned a lot about sharing and giving. I was happy that day. Still, I remember, that my grandfather did not say a single word. I had got a lesson that sharing had real joy. After a few days, I was given another lesson that I came on this earth with nothing in hand and whatever I had, were earlier others’ belongings. So nothing was mine.

We get nothing from ownership of worldly materials but temporary satisfactions followed by cravings for another item. It is a never-ending process. Though we know all from our forefathers we forget it in the nick of time. Any power gets the work done.

We may compare ourselves to the construction of a building. We get construct buildings at selected sites with the erection of frames having holding and sustainability capacity with a particular life period of existence. We construct buildings for different purposes and uses. Accordingly interior of a building is designed which may differ from each other. The tastes of the master and members of the family are also reflected.
At last, after all, worldliness, the fate of a building depends upon the nature of its dwellers and other unexpected situations. But who is the owner of that house? In an actual sense, everyone is the owner because ownership is passed on from one to another at a suitable time. The house is one but the master changes so no one is the owner but everyone is the owner.

Likewise is the case with all of us. The almighty, before whom we all have to surrender someday, indicates that we are having none of our will to say something or do anything without his permission.
He has put the soul in a strong frame of a skeleton with an outer protecting skin cover and many functional systems comprising several organs fitted within the frame. Some of the systems are functional from birth while some become functional at a particular, appropriate time of need and age. The control of all systems is coded in a complicated brain which makes everyone different from each other in behaviours, compassion, submission and protection etc. All scientific developments have not reached the level of solving the complex structure of the controller’s brain. It is a simple looking most complicated structure of almighty.

When a simple creation of God may control the whole body’s systems then think of the unimaginative power of God in controlling the world. We may think of other creatures of God and should be thankful to him for the fraction of controlling power given to us. But alas! this gift of the body is not permanent and is taken back by the almighty at the defined time prescribed by him. The time of departure may or may not be the same for everyone but it is certainly played.

At last, my body is not mine. I am a custodian of it. Then what is mine? Why am I involved in worldly affairs? Why are all these show businesses of might, fight and supremacy? The almighty knows and enjoys.

Once again I am remembering the story told by my grandfather when I was a stubborn child. Nothing is mine.
I have come into the world without anything and will leave it with nothing. I have come from the invisible and I will return to the invisible. Whatever role I play is not written by me but is being played by me and written by a controller, the God.

Is soul mine? The Indian Sanatan religion in the pious book, “the Gita” says that the soul is also because of the almighty. So the soul is also not mine. Whatever, I do, all because of that almighty. Then what is mine? Nothing is mine but everything is mine for satisfaction and happiness for a short duration.

I am grateful to almighty that nothing is mine. Everything and everyone is from him and for him. I am at his disposal. He is my master and I am free of all encumbrances. May God bless all.


26 thoughts on “What is mine

  1. like john s jai guru
    such a stew
    nothing gonna change nor rearrange
    how odd
    but nothing is something
    and nothing
    is ours
    cos we did not make ourselves
    and so
    all things do indeed
    pass into somewhere s else
    perhaps that new Jerusalem
    ok now and oh my~!

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  2. There is such striving in the world to accumulate more things, more power and more control. In the end, it does not change the ending except in how you will be remembered. Thank you for visiting my blog. Lynn

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  3. Beautifully expressed and well written article portraying the transient nature of everything including us thus not to have any attachments especially towards material wealth. Thank you for sharing about how your grandfather taught you the joy of sharing by action rather than words. A wise man indeed. I enjoyed the story.

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      1. हार्दिक अभिवादन यह केवल एक मेरा सौभाग्य है कि आपने मेरी रचनाओं को केवल पढ़ा ही नहीं उन्हें प्रोत्साहित करके मेरी सराहना की पढ़ कर। बहुत धन्यवाद 🙏🙏

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  4. Much wisdom in this post! I grew up at a very young age of 3-years-old with the knowledge (because of various experiences within my family dynamics) nothing could be kept for long, nor ever owned. It was a sad, but empowering lesson that followed me my entire life.

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  5. Great article. I agree. I have felt this way about possessions for a long time. I have nothing that I can call my own. Everything was given to me by my Father in heaven, and I am merely a steward.
    Thanks for reading and liking my blog, as well!

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  6. Thank you for checking out my blog recently! And thank you for choosing to follow my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and I really appreciate your support! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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